You will hear me ask, “Is the branding consistent?” at least twenty times while working on a project. The power of brand recognition can be seen in a shape/color causing your mouth to water, a smell associated with shopping for clothing, or even a voter’s choice on their ballot. The logo on your website or business card, is not your brand, it is a symbol of your brand. Branding goes deep into the heart of a business and its customers, establishes trust, and therefore must be shared to reach new customers. 

It is important that you know your branding: the mission of your business, what you believe, and what your ideal customer believes. Then, use this to filter logo ideas before choosing the right one.

When looking to have a logo designed, here are some helpful steps to get you there:

  • Use your Ideal Customer Profile to determine what visuals appeal to them (color, font choice, design styles, etc.).
  • Share this information with a designer, explaining that you need a symbol that reflects your branding. Don’t be afraid to request a few mockups to choose from.
  • Be weary of who you share logo mockups with when trying to choose the best option. I recommend asking the opinion of no more than 2 other people, both who fall within your Ideal Customer Profile, to avoid having “too many cooks in the kitchen.” 
  • Remember to trust your gut! It is usually the business owner that knows their Ideal Customer best.
  • Once your logo, aka symbol, is chosen, use it! Be proud of it! Make sure it stays consistent and is placed everywhere your business is represented.
  • Keep it! I recommend that businesses don’t change their logo. If it is in need of some refreshing, an updated logo can be valuable to maintain a visual link to established customers while reaching new ones. It is not uncommon for new businesses to change their logo multiple times in their early years, but once you’ve settled on your branding, you will want that logo to stay the same.

For those of you looking to save on costs, is a great place to start. Similar to, this website connects you with designers that are willing to design a basic logo based on the small amount of information you give them. Some fees start at $5 while others cost more. You may not come away with all the file types, sizes, and color options you’d like, but as a starting place with very little risk, is excellent. I once recommended them for a friend who was looking to design family reunion t-shirts. In the end, they were very happy with the price and as the logo would never be used commercially, Fiverr was perfect.

If you are looking for a more custom approach, feel free to reach out to us! Our design approach includes upcoming marketing and design trends, all so your logo is visually fresh for the years to come. We also meet with you to discuss styles, color meaning, your business’ branding, mission, and mockups, all to create a symbol that reaches your Ideal Customer. You will receive the original vector file and multiple sizes, file types, and colors with indefinite rights for any commercial use.

Regardless of what designer you go to, a logo is powerful—as a symbol of your brand, be sure to choose wisely and use it often.